From Silence to Song: The Davidic Liturgical Revolution

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Peter Leithart

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Peter Leithart  (PhD, Cambridge) is President of Theopolis Institute in Birmingham, Alabama and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. He is the author of numerous books on theology and literature, including The Baptized Body, Against Christianity, Brightest Heaven of Invention, and Ascent to Love. He has also authored articles in journals such as Pro Ecclesia, Journal of Biblical Literature, Westminster Theological Journal, and First Things. Peter and his wife Noel have ten children and a fetching collection of grandchildren.

AUTHOR: Peter J. Leithart

PAGE COUNT: 138 pages

SIZE: 5.50x8.50

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 159128001X

ISBN-13: 9781591280019

PUB. DATE: June 3, 2003

When God delivered David from his enemies, he started a liturgical revolution.

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While the New Testament has little to say about worship, many in the Christian world debate the topic heatedly, arguing that seemingly minor ceremonies or innovations reveal deep theological questions about the regulative principle and about how much can and should be adapted for modern worship. In this small but thoughtful book, Peter Leithart examines David's liturgical innovations in Samuel and Chronicles, and teases out fascinating implications, not only for what the Bible requires of worship, but also for how the Old Testament continues to apply in the new covenant.

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"One of the best things I have ever read.... For those who love biblical theology that is rooted and grounded in the text, this small book is a treasure trove. Wonderful book" -Douglas Wilson, author and founder of New Saint Andrews College

"One of Leithart's best works." -Steven Wedgeworth, The Calvinist International

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From Silence to Song: The Davidic Liturgical Revolution

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