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Get the Guy: How to Be the Kind of Woman the Kind of Man You Want to Marry Would Want to Marry

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Douglas Wilson


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Douglas Wilson is the pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, a father of three, and grandfather of seventeen. He is the author of over a hundred books, including Reforming Marriage, Why Children Matter, and How to Exasperate Your Wife.

AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson

PAGE COUNT: 160 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

ISBN 10: 1957905387

ISBN-13: 9781957905389

PUB. DATE: July 18, 2023

Media: Paperback

“Where are all the guys? Where did they all go? If you and your friends are anything like the other young Christian women I know, your chief complaint has to do with the paucity of guys. And then, when you are looking at the handful of guys who do hang around in your church community, you think to yourself, as the saying goes, 'The odds may be good, but the goods are odd.' Heterosexual relationships are always cross-cultural, bilingual situations. You come from different worlds. He's a guy. They do things differently over there.” ~ from the book

Douglas Wilson offers the simple, direct advice he's been giving young women for decades on how to notice and attract the right kind of man. You shouldn't feel ashamed about wanting a guy who is strong and capable of leading you. In fact, you should want someone who has the backbone to lovingly take charge even when you don't want to be led. Beyond that, it's best not to overcomplicate things. Guard your heart, keep your imagination under control ("I always thought I would marry someone who..."), and trust that God will take care of everything else.


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S L.
All the things I wish dad had told me

As usual, Uncle Doug has the goods, and he dishes them out in generous helpings. I'm sending to all the young ladies in my life who needs the truth in these strange and ripe feminist times. Many thanks!


Great book! Great wisdom and advice!
Thanks so much!!

Joseph A.
Fantastic Book

I loved this book. I bought a copy for my niece. My wife and I just had our first daughter and one day I’ll get one for her as well. It was packed full of wisdom and of the sort that “ you don’t hear every day.” I love cannon and it has been a life changing thing beginning to listen to these books with my bride and on my own. I’m trying to find a good CREC church for my family currently. Thank you. Praise King Jesus!

Get past the title, this book is amazing!

As a 21 y/o woman trying to figure out dating as a Christian, I’ve read a plethora of articles, books, instagram posts, podcasts about this topic. None have been quite so helpful and encouraging to me as “Get the Guy” I was initially put off by the title, but this book is full of the sage wisdom of a caring father and faithful pastor. I recommend to all my sisters in Christ who are trying to navigate around the perils of modern dating and relationships! Thank you Doug Wilson.

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