Annual Group Canon+ Subscription

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Church group subscriptions allow pastors to give their congregations additional wisdom for the coming decade by distributing Canon+ annual subscriptions for elders, deacons, or other church families at a cheaper rate.

If you're interested in this option for your church or small group, reach out to Maggie at

Pay for exactly the number of accounts your church can use, at increasing discounts. 

  • 20+ Families: $69.99/year for each family.
  • 50+ Families: $59.99/year for each family.
  • 100+ Families: $49.99/year for each family.

Compare these prices with a year's worth of individual monthly subscriptions - 100 monthly subscriptions adds up to $9,588/year, but with our group Canon+ subscription, 100 families can access Canon+ for only $4,999/year.

Canon Press’s mission is to be the outfitters of the reformation—and Lord willing, you’re seeing that reformation begin to occur in your church already. Church group subscriptions allow you to provide your people with resources for the next decade to help them with faithfulness as a Christian living in the negative world.

The average adult in the US spends about four hours on their phone per day. The average Canon+ user spends about an hour a day on Canon+ instead of social media—and as a Canon+ supporter I know you already know what they’re watching instead:

A Canon+ subscription provides access to videos of our shows such as Doug Wilson’s Blog and Mablog, Toby Sumpter’s “Killing Porn” mini-series, all of Canon Press’s award winning audiobook collection, new audio and video resources as we release them, and children’s stories and classic audiobooks (more kids content coming this summer!).

For your parish groups or bible studies or women’s groups, Canon+ subscriptions allow leaders and members to screen new Canon+ Original documentaries like Eve in Exile (featuring Rebekah Merkle), It’s Good to be a Man: The Map to Manhood (featuring Michael Foster), or Future Men, our new documentary on raising boys coming Fall 2023. Your people will also be able to watch and listen to resources like Puritan the documentary, the Action Bible for kids, Crossway’s On the Christian Life series, and thousands of other resources.

Canon’s mission is to make sure these resources are food for the soul, rather than the lukewarm stuff that passes for “Christian publishing” under the watch of Zondervan, IVP, and Thomas Nelson. (Currently Thomas Nelson is about to release “Sister Roar” and IVP is advertising “Gracism: The Art of Inclusion.”) Instead of that, Canon+ church group subscriptions are our way of providing the opposite: When we put something on Canon+, we want it to be soul food with flavor and substance for faithful Christians who are fighting the good fight where God has put them.

It’s pretty straightforward: your church chooses the tier they want; we create a free code redeemable for that many seats; you distribute it to the families who need one, and they sign up for Canon+ on their own and input that code for their “free year” of biblical studies and cultural engagement for the next decade.

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