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How to Read a Book: Advice for Christian Readers


Andrew Naselli

Product information

This goes for any other books you order with "How to Read a Book".

Imagine the well-read man.

Do you see a machine dressed in tweed gorging on information? This book is not about becoming that kind of reader.

The well-read man wakes up and consults with Moses on his way to work. 

He sips his coffee and ponders the wisdom of Hannibal’s elephants crossing the Alps. 

He turns furrowed-browed philosophers upside down and takes their lunch money.

He changes his oil and deliberates with Peter Drucker about effective management practices.

He regales his wife with the tale of Monet’s water lilies in the Gardens at Giverny.

He sings with Sandra Boynton as his toddlers’ eyes grow heavy.

This book is about becoming that man.

Be as human as you can be.

Learn how to read a book.

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Early press for How to Read a Book

Rosaria Butterfield

"Andy Naselli's How to Read a Book will become a cherished tome in every Christian's library.

Offering salient and comprehensive advice for reclaiming the love and skill of good reading in a world filled with distractions,How to Read a Bookis friendly, pastoral, and inspiring. Andy's tips about organizing a home library put me to shame--and inspired me to make needed changes. Every Christian will benefit from this book! This book goes straight on my required reading list for my Rhetoric Literature students!"

Voddie Baucham Jr.

“In a time when reading has fallen out of favor, Andy Naselli has done the Church (and the world) a great service by not only encouraging us to read, but also showing us how. I have long been a fan of Adler’s work on this topic, and I am grateful to Naselli for expanding on that work. This is a helpful and useful tool for anyone wanting to become a better reader.

It is also an invaluable tool for those who, like me, have young people in their lives whom they wish to encourage to become lifelong readers.

Please read this book! And when you’re done, you will be better equipped to read others as well.”

Joe Rigney

“This book is more than meets the eye. It is like ‘the Wood between the Worlds,’ filled with pools that lead to many other places. You will learn not only how to micro-read, macro-read, and survey a book, but also how to think, how to cultivate good habits, how to avoid distraction, how to organize your thoughts, how to write, and many other skills to enrich your mind and heart.

Filled with practical advice, helpful illustrations, and recommendations for further study, not only will it help you to read well, but it will help you to live well for the glory of God. Take up, and learn how to read.”