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Canon Logic Series

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Product: Books & Tests Package + DVD Course + Flashcards

Watch the video below to see what's inside the video courses. 

Logic can be your secret weapon.

Studying formal logic can be intimidating without the right help, but knowing how to think logically isn't just for "experts."

Our easy-to-read layout comes with summaries, key points, definitions, and cautions so you learn and keep an understanding of logic.

It's the tool for learning how to use other tools.

It's the bones that give a clenched fist its structure (and knuckles).

Introductory Logic is perfect for Grade 7+ students, teachers, and parents who've never tackled syllogisms or fallacies before. It provides a semester or year's worth of logic to help you detect and deflect flawed or deceitful arguments and to think, debate, and argue well.

The complete Introductory Logic video course is available for streaming with a subscription to Canon+. Visit to learn more.

    Inside Introductory Logic

    • Introductory Logic helps you
      • Control the debate by defining your terms, because “He who defines the terms wins the debate.” (Unit 1—Terms and Definitions)
      • Think logically when you can write true and false statements. (Unit 2—Statements and Their Relationships)
      • Disprove invalid arguments when you know the rules of a valid argument. (Unit 3—Syllogisms and Validity)
      • Interpret and expose an argument’s logic hiding in normal English. (Unit 4—Arguments in Normal English)
      • Detect when someone else is arguing badly with distraction, ambiguity, or form. (Unit 5—Informal Fallacies)
          • Student Edition
            • 40 lessons covering formal and informal logic
            • sidebars with definitions, key points, cautions, further study, activities for thinking deeper, and historical information
            • perforated pages with practice exercises
          • Teacher's Edition
            • a daily lesson schedule for completing Introductory Logic in a semester or a year-long course.
            • answers to all exercises, review questions, review exercises, quizzes, and tests in the order they are taught.
            • contains the entire Student Edition text—with the same page numbers as the Student Edition! No more flipping back and forth between answer keys and textbook.
            • daily lesson plans with step-by-step teaching advice, objectives, and assignments
          • Video Courses
            • expanded lessons and examples for independent students or a teacher's prep
            • animations and visual cues
            • veteran teacher Brian Kohl teaches through every lesson and practice test to help independent students or teachers who need to prepare
          • Tests & Quizzes
            • quizzes every two or three lessons (not just tests)
            • two versions of each test for extra practice
            • answers in 5th Ed. Intro Teacher
            • looseleaf, hole-punched, resealable packets to prevent copying

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 24 reviews
          Dianna M.
          Great addition to our middle grade studies!

          It’s easy to use and teach. Coupled with the videos on canon+, it has been our favorite addition to our curriculum this year!

          Kenda B.

          Introductory Logic


          Amazing customer service!

          Hannah R.

          Introductory Logic


          High quality

          Sarah S.
          "Dishoner on you, dishoner on your cow!"

          In lesson 4 the definition of doe is incorrect. In the teacher's guide, it says that a doe is a female deer, this definition also complies with wabbits, goats, and antelopes. This fault is not very helpful to our students for logic lessons. we would appreciate it if you could fix this problem in future editions. On this note, "dishonor on you dishonor on your cow" so it would be very much appreciated if you could fix this problem. Sincerely, Mushu the Great.

          Honey M.
          We think Logic is Great

          We ordered the Introductory Logic curriculum as an addition to the logic course my daughter is taking in her homeschool classes. She started with the video series on the Canon App and really wanted to purchase the curriculum to work through as well. Her other Logic series, which mainly focuses on fallacies, is great, however the Introductory Logic is a good place to start, because exactly as the title describes, it is an introduction to it all and is especially helpful if a person is new to the subject of Logic. Thank you for making this series available; many blessings to the Canon Press crew as you faithfully continue to put out content for hungry minds.

          Robin S.
          Intoductory Logic

          My daughter took a short logic class to get her feet wet with this subject. We bought this book in order to give her a fuller experience. We will use this text along with the videos available on Canon+ to have her “take” the class. It would be better in a community setting, but our circumstances don’t allow for that because of where we live (outside US). We love the way the book uses images (diagrams) as well as different thinking exercises to help the students train their brains - so to speak - on how to think logically. This is so incredibly important because we can’t predict all the false arguments that our kids will face in their lifetime. In a very practical way, this book “teaches our kids to fish” so that we don’t have to worry about trying to prepare them for everything they may encounter in their adulthood. That is impossible anyway, and even this book is limited. The Holy Spirit will be the true guide, but this book is a great help.

          New t.I.L.
          Wonderful Subject-Difficult Execution

          This course requires fairly strong understanding of Christianity. For example Exercise 2 question 5 page 19 on genus and species was difficult for high school students who have been in Christian school since Kinder (having to distinguish between heavenly beings- angels, cherubs, archangels). I think Canon Press assumes a certain level of knowledge which can preclude understanding for new to biblical perspective students. The DVD is a nice accompaniment, but the instructor talks super fast and that can be overwhelming with a class of new to logic students. He seems extremely knowledgeable, but again it would be nice if he could come down to an even more basic level. The DVD set does not make it just a press and play course, there is still lots of instruction needed for introductory logic students. Online videos and documents would be great also.

          Videos for download pls

          I can't remember the time we own a DVD player. Laptops these days do not come with a DVD slot.
          It will be great if the videos are available for download. Please do consider.

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