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Is Calvinism Biblical: A Debate

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Douglas Wilson


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Is Calvinism Biblical? A debate between Steve Gregg and Douglas Wilson.

In this amiable debate which took place in 2001, Steve Gregg and Douglas Wilson look at three Calvinistic doctrines: the sovereignty of God, atonement, and perseverance. Wilson maintains that Scripture does indeed support these teachings, while Gregg (an Arminian) argues the opposite. The result is a biblically-based exchange that gets to the heart of the matter. Please excuse the less than crisp recording.

1. Is the Calvinist Doctrine of Sovereignty Biblical?

2. Is the Calvinist Doctrine of Atonement Biblical?

3. Is the Calvinist Doctrine of Perseverance Biblical?

Customer Reviews

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No Straw Men Here - A Biblical Wrestling Match

This debate was captivating from start to finish. I’m not a Calvinist and I want to understand their position.. this debate provided the best taste of that I’ve ever had. Both Gregg and Wilson stepped up to bat with skill and confidence in the word of God.

Wow. I’m listening through now for my second time and It’s still educational, interesting & worthwhile.

I don’t want to hear poor arguments of someone’s position destroyed by someone who holds mine… I want to hear the best arguments from both positions and watch the biblical wrestling match that follows. That’s what this is. It’s like the WWE for biblical enthusiasts.

Listen to the opening arguments and try to turn it off… I bet you can’t. It’s like a can of pringles that God knew you would eat from the foundation of the world.


David S.
Audio quality

The last debate is impossible to hear.

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