It's Good to Be a Man: A Handbook for Godly Masculinity (HBK / PBK)

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Michael Foster & Dominic Bnonn Tennant


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Michael Foster is a serial entrepreneur who has been in bi-vocational ministry the better part of his adult life. God has blessed him with a beautiful wife and seven children. He is the pastor of East River Church (CREC) in Batavia just outside Cincinnati, and co-hosts the It's Good to Be a Man podcast.

Dominic Bnonn Tennant has a background in writing, design, apologetics, and theology. He lives in New Zealand with his wife and four children, works freelance as a copywriter and web designer, and likes learning to build things.

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AUTHORS: Michael Foster & Dominic Bnonn Tennant

BINDING: Hardback, cloth-wrapped, foil-stamped & Paperback


SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

HARDBACK ISBN 10: 1954887051

HARDBACK ISBN-13: 9781954887053 

PAPERBACK ISBN 10: 1954887396

PAPERBACK ISBN 13: 9781954887398

PUB. DATE: December 14, 2021

Media: Hardback

“Men were made to rule. They always have and always will. Nothing can change that. Nothing will. It is not a question of whether men will be ruling, but which ones and how.” ~From It's Good to Be a Man

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Our modern society has called for us to “smash the patriarchy,” and the church has not done much better.

Instead of telling men how they can hone and refine their aggressive traits, the church has told men that they should aspire to be meek servant-leaders, and when a man shows any signs of independence, he is shown the door.

This leaves most young men lost. They don’t know what to do or how to improve, so they watch Jordan Peterson videos on YouTube to learn how to grow in their masculinity and sense of mission.

In this book, Michael Foster and Bnonn Tennant remind men that their natural aggressive instincts are gifts from God that are meant to be used for the kingdom. Men are supposed to found households, join brotherhoods, and work towards a mission.

It's Good to Be A Man offers men a quick guide to where they are and how they can improve.

God made men to be strong and aggressive risk-takers. This is a feature, not a bug. Foster and Tennant remind us that it’s good to be a man.

A Group Discussion Study Guide for the book is available here, both in print and as a free download.

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What People Are Saying

""Hard times make real men. In an age when masculinity is attacked from every angle, leading to a generation at equal turns passive and belligerent, Michael Foster and Bnonn Tennant have given us a manifesto for manhood. This is a clarion call. It stands out all the more for the lack of such clear speech and precise biblical teaching in evangelical circles today. It's Good to Be a Man anchors men in the Word, in the grace of God, in the truth. This is one of the best books on manhood ever written, period." -Owen Strachan, Provost, Grace Bible Theological Seminary; author, Christianity and Wokeness and Reenchanting Humanity

"This book is an exercise in moderate extremism, or perhaps you might want to call it radical moderation.... This book is a careful, balanced, scriptural look at the task that God has assigned to men, and is a celebration of God’s good wisdom. And God is willing to give men the grace and ability to do what they were created and called to do—so men should make sure that they know what they are asking for. This is not possible apart from looking to Scripture for our answers. A man is not a deficient woman, and a woman is not a deficient man. God’s calling and God’s gifting line up. This book is highly recommended—for pastors, for parents, for teachers. If you have young men in your life, this book is essential." ~Douglas Wilson, author of Federal Husband and Future Men

"a book that every man should read, especially Christian men striving to become godly patriarchs with genuine, righteous gravitas." ~Hard Men Podcast

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Mr. R.
I can't seem to hold on to this book

I read this book over a year ago and loved it so much that I gave it away within a week of finishing it. I wanted all my comrades to read it. Since then, I have given away 4 more copies and have yet to buy myself another copy.


IGTBAM is a must read for men to assist them in becoming men. It is also a must read for women to understand men. I highly recommend it for men’s groups and Christian schools that are gender specific whether Protestant or Catholic.

John H.

It's Good to Be a Man: A Handbook for Godly Masculinity (HBK / PBK)

R P.
Much Needed

This book was written for no better time than this. It is truly good to be a man.

Sam S.
For every young man!

My son, a believer, pretty much stopped, reading books at the end of high school. This was the first book that he finished in five years, he told me, after I gave it to him for Christmas. It’s excellent reading and encourages young men to “man up.” We love this book and highly recommend it!


It's fantastic

Branden R.
Good read

Have shared with brothers in my church small group, thank you, much to discuss here.

Jim R.
Men Need This Book!

After reading the book, I bought 5 copies for the men in my family and community group!

Tyler M.

It's Good to Be a Man: A Handbook for Godly Masculinity (HBK / PBK)

james P.
Spot on title

Spot on book

I believe one of the major initiatives to advance the kingdom of God - charging the gates of hell - starts with men. This book should be in every man’s library and read multiple times through the years.

This is why we have bought so many of these books and give them freely to any man that will read it.

Read it - live it - for it’s what we were created to do. Image God - reflecting His glory - taking dominion.

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