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Free study guides for all three seasons of Man Rampant!

If you are leading a small group and want to discuss Man Rampant, these three study guides are perfect conversation-starters. Each study guide includes a call-out quote, Douglas Wilson's opening monologue, discussion questions about the episode, and a Bible reading related to the show with discussion questions.
These study guides cover the following episodes:
Season 1:
Episode 1: The Sin of Empathy (ft. Joe Rigney)
Episode 2: Education and Kingmaking (ft. Ben Merkle)
Episode 3: The Lie of Servant Leadership (ft. Aaron Renn)
Episode 4: The State vs. Your Family (ft. C.R. Wiley)
Episode 5: The Sins of Christian Women (ft. Aaron Renn)
Episode 6: Impotent Christianity (ft. Gary DeMar)
Season 2: The Covid Diaries
Episode 1: The Death of Dissent (ft. Peter Hitchens)
Episode 2: The Problem of the Cereal Aisle (ft. Os Guinness)
Episode 3: The Long War (ft. E. Michael Jones)
Episode 4: Reaching for Forbidden Fruit (ft. Sam Alberry)
Episode 5: The Virtue of Nationalism (ft. Yoram Hazony)
Episode 6: The Suicide that Won't Die (ft. Jonah Goldberg)
Season 3:
Episode 1: Sexual Suicide (ft. George Gilder)
Episode 2: Slaying Leviathan (ft. Glenn Sunshine)
Episode 3: The Power and the Silence (ft. Walter Kirn)
Episode 4: Knowledge and Power (ft. George Gilder)
Episode 5: The Demolition of Darwinism (ft. Gordon Wilson)
Episode 6: Marriage and Family (ft. Dale Partridge)
The first season is available on Amazon Prime, and all subsequent seasons are available on the Canon App. The first episode of Season 1 is available for free here. The first episode of Season 2 is available for free here.

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    Man Rampant Study Guides

    Looking through masculine binoculars

    The study guides are a great benefit for those who want to engage in some critical but crucial conversations about the culture and the modern American church. These guides helped direct me in finding the resources often quoted by Doug and his guests. As well clearly engage the topics with a thorough Christian world and life view. So that conversations about these topics don’t get so muddled.

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