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Men and Marriage

George Gilder

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Men and Marriage

George Gilder


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  • Civilization is Built by Men with Families to Feed.

    George Gilder has been clear about the stakes for the family since 1973.

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    Without fathers, our civilization sinks back into the Stone Age. Fifty years later, the need of the hour remains: Men that take responsibility for themselves. Men that love their wives. Men that raise their own children. Men with insatiable economic libido.

    Bad news, America.

    Nearly half of your men are unmarried.

    The single man:

    • is a spendthrift
    • masturbates alone
    • has a propensity to kill …
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  • George Gilder is an icon. He is one of the leading economic and technological thinkers of the past fifty years. Men and Marriage is his seminal work on the family. He wrote Wealth and Poverty , the global bestseller and Ronald Reagan's most quoted book. He predicted the iPhone in Life After Television . Life After Google blew up in China, and his latest book is Life After Capitalism . He is a polymath …

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