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Mere Fundamentalism: The Apostles' Creed and the Romance of Orthodoxy

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Douglas Wilson


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Douglas Wilson is a pastor in Moscow, Idaho, a father of three, and grandfather of seventeen. He is the author of numerous books, including Decluttering Your Marriage, Future Men, and How to Exasperate Your Wife.

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AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson

PAGE COUNT: 138 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 1947644084

ISBN-13: 9781947644083

PUB. DATE: October 2, 2018

Media: Paperback

"There is a broad way that seems right to man but which leads to death and destruction, so also there is a narrow way that opens up into unbelievable glories. This is the romance of orthodoxy."

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In this book, Douglas Wilson combines G.K. Chesterton-like prose with the Apostles' Creed, and explains such doctrines as the Trinity, creation, fall, salvation, Scripture, and the church with clarity and imagination. Rather than seeing fundamentalist doctrines as a narrow and confining straightjacket, Wilson sees them as the only way for people to find true freedom and joy.

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From the Book:

"When we extend the invitation to unbelievers to follow Christ, we should be doing so from that vantage of life. We are not trapped in a narrow crevasse, barely able to move ourselves, from which position we invite unbelievers to join us in our dilemma. We are not asking them to get stuck like we are. No. Humility is a low door into a high Heaven. Narrow is the pass, broad is the mountain meadow. But we live in a generation that does not want to be precise about anything, and it seems that to offer them the “fundamentals,” mere or not, is like offering bacon to a hungry horse. Or at least it seems that way to our inner market analyst. People just aren’t interested in precise theological statements on God’s triune glory, mankind’s sin and rebellion, death and resurrection, and the absolute and objective truth of Scripture. But this is not exactly right—they never have been interested in that. In order for such things to appear to men as captivating as they actually are, the Spirit of God has to work in a way that reveals them for what they are." -From the Introduction

Customer Reviews

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Excellent book

Douglas Wilson's take on the creeds and confessions, compressed through his wonderful writing style makes this so easy to read and absorb. I would recommend it to everyone. Separately, I would recommend this as a 'primer' or introduction (and/or closing) to a deep study of the creeds and confessions.

Ayden T.
A fundamentally great book

Mr Wilson presents the fundamental truths of Christianity with the prose of Chesterton, the remarkable reasoning of CS Lewis and the cultured nuance and effective simplicity of Reagan.

I listened to this book and now have bought a physical copy which I am reading with my fiancé.
I would (and have) recommended this book highly, it is a great and solid introduction to the faith for the newly redeemed and a great reminder and beautiful picture for those who are familiar with these truths already.

P.S. The humor is great also!

A Must Read

An absolute must-read. Just buy it.

Becca H.
Must Read

Excellent summary of the fundamentals of Christianity

Edward F.
Have'nt had time to read it yet.

Looking forward to it though.

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