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Modernized Geneva Bible: New Testament Box Set

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Modernized Geneva Bible

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SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

ISBN-13: 9781947644977

ISBN-10: 1947644971

PUB. DATE: December 1, 2020

The 1599 Geneva Bible is a remarkable Bible for many reasons: it was the first English Bible translated entirely from the Hebrew and the Greek, it was the first Bible with chapter and verse divisions, it was the first with a legible font, and the first with maps, notes, and chronologies and indices. Most importantly, it was intended not for displaying in churches, but for family reading.

With this in mind, the Modernized Geneva Bible (MGB) updates archaic syntax, spelling, and vocabulary of the first iconic Geneva version, allowing you to read without distraction the most important English Bible of the Reformation: The Geneva went into battle with the Puritans in the English Civil War, the Geneva made enemies of popes and kings across Europe, and the Geneva even went to America with the Pilgrims. 

But the MGB New Testament is not a facsimile edition intended for scholars of the Reformation. The thirteen thin volumes of the MGB New Testament are meant for one thing only: to be pulled off the shelf and read again and again; to be dog-eared and written in; to be consumed. We Christians learn to desire the pure milk of the Word as newborn infants (1 Pet. 2:2), for without feeding our souls we cannot grow spiritually.

Every design decision for this MGB New Testament was made to encourage daily Bible reading:

  • Readers’ format makes the Bible easy to read compared to a typical two-columned Bible with economy-size font;
  • Unlike most other readers’ editions, the MGB retains chapter and verse markings to allow you to keep track of Bible reading plans or sermon references;
  • The thirteen thin volumes are easy to finish in a sitting or two (an average reader can complete the shortest volume in 30 minutes, the longest in just over 2 hours);
  • Creamy text stock and flexible paperback bindings are easy to hold;
  • Lined note pages and reading logs for each volume allow you to make the MGB New Testament your own;
  • Beautiful, textured, and foil-stamped slipcase makes the MGB NT elegant and easy to store.

The Geneva’s original translators—Englishmen in exile from their homeland in Geneva—followed the work of William Tyndale, who famously vowed that he would help even the lowly farm boys to know more Scripture than the scholars of his time. Amen and amen!

The 27 books of the New Testament are separated into thirteen slim volumes for the MGB:

  1. Matthew (96 pgs)
  2. Mark (72 pgs)
  3. Luke (104 pgs)
  4. John (80 pgs)
  5. Acts (104 pgs)
  6. Romans (48 pgs)
  7. Corinthians (72 pgs)
  8. Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians (48 pgs)
  9. Colossians, Philemon, and Thessalonians (48 pgs)
  10. Timothy and Titus (48 pgs)
  11. Hebrews (48 pgs)
  12. James, Peter, and Jude (48 pgs)
  13. Epistles of John & Revelation (80 pgs)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Colin V.
Solid, elegant construction, interesting translation.

The quality of the box set is top notch. The feel of the covers and the thickness of the paper makes for a very enjoyable read. The formatting of the text is very useful not just for reading, but there is plenty of room for underlining, marking, and small notetaking. All in all a very simple, readable, and uncluttered text. The translation itself is the only thing I have an issue with. I figured with it being 'modernized' it would actually be more modern than it is. The sentence structure is still the same, and though some words have been changed there's a lot that has stayed the same. I would liken it more to a KJVer or 21st Century King James, rather than a New King James Version. It is not bad, just interesting. We need more translations based on the Textus Receptus, so I like that this translation stands in that tradition. I just think that there's a bit more "modernizing" that could be done to really make this translation stand out and hold its own in the translation market.

Patricia S.
Looking forward

Looking forward to start treading but wish whiteness larger for us older people

Bobby T.
Wonderful reading set

Such a great set of New Testament readers. Looking forward to the Old Testament set and the leather bound.

Andy L.
Learning more about God's Word

I've read many translations of the New Testament and learned from each of them. From a few, I've learned what not to believe. Thankfully, that's only been a few.
the Modernized Geneva Bible translation is refreshing. Having never read the 1599 version, I am unable to compare the two. I find the MGB comparable to the New King James Bible translation in its use of modern language and I like the NKJB for this very reason.

Beautiful formatting, too modernized

Thank you for the vision for this product via the trailer video. The formatting, page feel, etc. is wonderful. But, I have the original 1560 version in anglo-saxon english, and it really takes you back and connects you with Reformation and post-reformation history. I think this modernized version over does the modernization translation work. I might as well just read from my 2015 ESV. Sorry, but disappointed and cannot refer people to purchase it. Sola Deo GLoria.

Lawrence C.
Geneva Bible Set

I like that I can pull out one book at a time to take with me for appointments and so on. Even at home I like to study out of one book at a time as they were originally meant to be read. I also think they did a good job on the updated translation.

Laura A.
Modernized Geneva Bible

First a word about shipping, EXCELLENT! I ordered this a few days before Christmas and it shipped unbelievably quickly. The Canon people are great at embodying what their books teach.
The Bible itself...A must have for anyone who has the ability to buy books. It's a version that can be trusted and so it's helpful to read the NT from a version you are unfamiliar with. There will be a phrase here or there that will give you pause and make you think about something in a different light. Having the Bible separated in individual small books is a great way to carry it on the go. Although who does that in the days of "devices"? In short, a wonderful Bible study tool. You can listen to it on Canon+ too. So listen and read along...

Craig R.
Great idea, but Cheap Paper

I love the idea with the slip case and such, but was very disappointed in the quality of the paper used. It seemed to be of the quality of the bulk paperbacks that you could buy in the grocery store. It surprised me that there would be the quality slip cover, but poor quality paper.

Timothy A.
Modernized Geneva Bible:

Really well done. Very attractive. But one small exception is I think there are too many volumes. I like having the separate Gospels but it might be nicer to have Paul's letters in one volume and likewise the general epistles. Not a complaint just my subjective view. I do like the printing which is very easy to read. Overall I am completely satisfied and looking forward the O.T. set


Exactly as described. Very pleased with this box set.

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