Rediscovering Catechism: The Art of Equipping Covenant Children

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Donald Van Dyken

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Donald Van Dyken was a pastor at Trinity Church in Tri-Cities and taught catechism classes for many years. He wrote With All My Heart and Rediscovering Catechism and edited his father’s Covenantal Catechism series to encourage parents and teachers in instructing their children in the faith.

AUTHOR: Donald Van Dyken

PAGE COUNT: 204 pages

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN-10: 195488740X

ISBN-13: 9781954887404

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"


RELEASE DATE: July 5, 2022 (originally published 2007)

Our fathers in the faith passed on their faith through catechism. Why has catechizing each child become a lost art?

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From boys learning Torah in synagogues to Luther teaching children his catechism to the Pilgrims carrying catechisms on the Mayflower, catechism has been a tool for Christian parents to pass on the faith. This short book by Donald van Dyken defends the practice of catechism, sketches its history, and shows how families should use catechism today.

Donald van Dyken discusses how parents can use memorization, question-and-answer sessions, songs, and more to teach their children about God, His word, and the good news of the Gospel. Whether they are teaching the Westminster shorter catechism or the details of Bible Stories, parents can and should be teaching their children the truths of the faith. More importantly, they should always keep in mind that the goal is not head knowledge, but a real, personal knowledge of our savior, Jesus Christ.

What People Are Saying

"It is hard to think of anything that would be of greater-or more lasting-benefit to Presbyterian and Reformed churches than to take heed to Van Dyken's wise counsel." -G. I. Williamson, theologian and author of Understanding the Times

"Developed societies are characterized by their clamor for temporal satisfaction. Fallen man either is consumed by the quest for personal fulfillment and/or is frantically escaping reality. We must ask ourselves: Is the church also caught in these downward patterns? Reverend Donald Van Dyken emphasizes that the hope offered from the truths of the Bible is the church’s only hope.... Rediscovering Catechism: The Art of Equipping Covenant Children gives the reader the biblical mandate, historical precedent, and the logical argument for catechizing the children of the Church." ~Tim Hart, Western Reformed Seminary Journal

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parents catechize and church assesse the proceess

Catechism your kids provides a tiool for parents to teach and gain away to personally guide there childrens heart in faith...their ultimatecresponsibility and the church MUST encourage and provide an oversight to ensure that this is happening in the home. Thwy might provide a retesting or evaluation of material like once or twice a year.

Shell R.
Rediscovering Catechism


Hannah S.
Wow, where was this when I was a kid?

I’m almost 3/4 off the way through and it’s been eye opening how much impact catechisms can have in a generational context. Excellent read so far and we are moving in the next few months and will need to find a new church- I’m eager to find one or start a catechism class where we end up.

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