Sir Badalot and the Cranky Danky Dragon

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Rachel Jankovic


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Rachel Jankovic is the wife of Luke and mother of eight children. Rachel is one half of the What Have You podcast and is also the author of You Who?, Fit to Burst, and
Loving the Little Years.

Forrest Dickison illustrates children’s books, paints landscapes, and works in animation, and he and his wife Danielle have three young daughters. Forrest illustrated the book Hello, Ninja, which became a hit original series on Netflix, and its sequel, Hello, Georgie.

IMPRINT: Canonball Books

AUTHOR: Rachel Jankovic

ILLUSTRATOR: Forrest Dickison


SIZE: 11.25x8.75"

ISBN-10: 1957905344

ISBN-13: 9781957905341

BINDING: Hardback

PUB. DATE: November 1, 2022

Media: Hardback

In a tiny magic kingdom, by a heave under a willow, Sir Badalot's castle just fell down. Again. He stomps and hollers and shouts...never knowing that the Cranky Danky Dragon is right behind, knocking down his castle and brewing Sir Badalot's howls into a delicious whine. When Sir Badalot finally realizes what's ruining his kingdom, he knows he has to find a way to keep that nasty dragon out forever.

Look Inside the Book 

Your child will be captivated by this whimsical guide to emotional self-control by Rachel Jankovic (with lush illustrations from Forrest Dickison), and you will be surprised how often Sir Badalot's story will pop up as they fight their own dragons!

Does your child struggle with anger management and emotional self-control? Banish the fussiness with this adorable tale of Sir Badalot: the grumpy knight who just can’t seem to build his sand castle, and it’s all his fault. Will he learn to beat the dragon who keeps ruining everything?

Give your children a hero they can laugh at and imitate. With Sir Badalot, young kids will learn to love their home and rejoice in fighting life’s dragons—starting with the dragon in their own heart.

Need a birthday gift or holiday gift for kids? Give them this fun read-aloud picture book! Sir Badalot, like all good knights, learns to fight the dragon…but you might be surprised at who the dragon really is. Before the story ends, Sir Badalot will be your kids' new favorite household name.

Kids will love this story written by Rachel Jankovic (Loving the Little Years) with its whimsical rhyming tale. Every page features beautiful watercolor illustrations by award-winning artist Forrest Dickison (Netflix’s Hello Ninja)!

Canonball Books is the children's imprint of Canon Press. At Canonball, we believe stories are soul food, so you can expect excitement, danger, loyalty, virtue, and family in your Canonball books. Feed your kids the right books!


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What People Are Saying:

“It’s easy to correct a kid’s bad behavior but Sir Badalot offers a soaring, positive path as an answer to one’s selfishness. Bouncy verse is offered by Rachel Jankovic and Forrest Dickison’s illustrations are generous and loose, not unlike the great children’s books I was raised on by Bill Peet. This is great work.” -Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood and Nickelodeon’s Catscratch

"Sir Badalot and the Cranky Danky Dragon rocks. This book reminds me that there is hope, even though we all are fighting our own personal Cranky Danky Dragons. We love this story. As an artist, I love dragons and I love seeing other artists’ takes on them. Forrest Dickison’s drawings are fantastic. When I grow up I want to draw like him! Our grandson loves the book! I especially love the rhythm and story behind the text. Thank you, Rachel and Forrest.” -Thomas Fluharty, artist, educator author/illustrator Fool Moon Rising

“Now here’s a sticky story that is as fun as it is formative! As a dad, I’m always reading aloud, and that means I’m always looking for good books that are fun to read aloud--books where I can hoop and holler, and huff and puff. Rachel Jankovic and Forrest Dickison have joined forces to create a picture book that does it all. Sir Badalot and the Cranky Danky Dragon needs to be in every home where children or grandchildren roam!” -Kenneth Padgett, co-author of The Story of God with Us and The Forgotten King

"Forrest Dickison’s artwork leaps off of the page and reminds me of classic Disney art. Sir Badalot is great for readers of all ages!” -Kazu Kibuishi, author of the Amulet Series

Customer Reviews

Based on 182 reviews
Patricia A.

The kids loved it!

Stetson S.

My 2 y/o favorite book!

April H.

My grandson loves this book and the animated show as well.


Sir Badalot and the Cranky Danky Dragon

Allison H.
The perfect gift for all of my parent friends

This book is delightfully written and illustrated, and the story is great!

Anna W.

It’s a Christmas gift. Have not read it yet.


Great book!

The title is perfect.

Love the story. Love the way it is written. It has become my 4 year old grandson's favorite book and he gets the message. Are there more like this one? I am really glad that I stumbled upon this book at the Grace City men's conference here in Wenatchee, WA.

Rachel L.
I'm not sure if it's exactly what I thought it would be

But it's a fun read and my daughter has been really enjoying reading it. It has started the conversation of emotional self control which is what I was hoping for. But the book doesn't explain it as clearly as I would like. But it's well worth the read.

J. A.
Excellent Book!

My toddler loves the story of Sir Badalot. The book provides great opportunities to talk about anger and right response with him. And it just so happens that I love reading it too.

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