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The Church as Politics: Against Christianity


Ministerial Conference


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Against Christianity: The Church as Politics

Christ Church Ministerial Conference 2007

It is no secret that American politics are a mess, but Christian politics are even worse. This is not surprising, since many Christians believe that the Republican party holds the key to a better future. Instead of asking, "How is the Church a city on a hill and light to the world?" they fret about their status as right-wing conservatives, weakening both the Church and the Church's influence.What do Christian politics look like? A return to Christ. We must forsake the "truths" of opinion polls for the living Word. We must turn away from the wisdom of the world and embrace the foolishness of God. We must love our neighbors and turn the other cheekjust as Jesus commanded us. Simply put, we need to be the Church. Leithart, Wilson, and Jones call us to come back to the Lord's table and proclaim the Gospel with our worship. Only then can we build the Church into a city that is in this world, yet not of it; a city of priests and kings. The following topics are included in this set:

1. From Cain to the Consummation - Peter Leithart

2. Assuming the Center - Douglas Wilson

3. Which Tribal Religion is the Republican Party? - Douglas Jones

4. The Time of the Church - Peter Leithart

5. Outside in, Inside out - Peter Leithart

6. A Trinitarian Reading of the Cold War - Douglas Jones

7. The Centrality of Story in Politics - Douglas Wilson

8. How Can Small Churches Make Richer, Deeper Communities? - Douglas Jones

9. The Festive Center - Peter Leithart

10. Worship is Warfare - Douglas Wilson

11. Data Disc (Includes PDF outlines and Q&A MP3s)

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