The Cultural Mind

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Douglas Wilson

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Douglas Wilson is pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, ID, a former newspaper columnist and magazine editor, and award-winning author of over one hundred books on a variety of subjects. He has written for The Huffington Post, World, Books & Culture, Christianity Today, and more. He blogs regularly at

AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson

PUBLISHER: Canon Press

PAGE COUNT: 366 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 1954887140

ISBN-13: 9781954887145

PUB. DATE: April 19, 2022

“Nothing ages more rapidly than the current lust for contemporary relevance, and nothing ages more gracefully than an attitude of caring more about whether an observation is true than whether it is contemporary, or edgy, or emergent.” ~From The Cultural Mind

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In this collection of essays, Douglas Wilson explores all sorts of areas where the Bible should be applied in our lives—but isn’t. From the home to the public square, from the marriage bed to the pulpit, Doug uses Scriptural wisdom to expose the rot of our modern culture, and to show us how to build a culture with Christ at its center.

  • The wide-ranging topics include:
  • The need to recover masculinity in the church.
  • The slippery slope of sexual perversity.
  • The importance of fighting for and defending civic liberty.
  • The sin of pacifism.
  • The enervating vice of seeker-friendly worship.
  • The dangers of a civil magistrate devoted to keeping us "safe."

Originally written for Tabletalk magazine in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Doug's articles are eerily prophetic, making them more relevant now than ever.

"Men like Kuyper, or Dabney, or Hodge, or Chesterton, or C.S. Lewis...would often describe something that I saw unfolding in our own time, and yet none of them had access to our newspapers. How did they do that?... The answer is not that they were seers, the way that Samuel was. The answer rather was that they were thinkers, the way Augustine was." ~Douglas Wilson, Introduction

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John S.
Great book!

This book covers a wide range of topics and goes great with a morning coffee. Easy to understand and straight forward, always pointing to scripture.

John G.
Cultural Mind

As always, Doug is on track. This is a book that should be read diligently.

James H.

The Cultural Mind

Susan K.
The Cultural Mind

I'm not through with it, but found "Fully Accredited" fun and reassuring. "A Kiss on the Lips" reminded me that "just because a task is difficult does not make it optional. Excellent book if you like being challened. I bought several for gifts.
Susan Kobes Ph.D

Linda C.

Refreshing and enlightening. Clarifying as usual.

ronald t.
Good ole Dougie

Still reading and find it excellent and typical DW. I like most of his stuff, some goes over my head and his general assesment of life in this age we be in is always right on, and I love hes a post miller as I am at age 77.

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