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The Man in the Dark: A Romance

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Douglas Wilson


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Douglas Wilson has been a pastor for more than forty years and is the author of dozens of books, including the award-winning novel Evangellyfish. The Man in the Dark is his first historical romance novel. Is it his last? It's much too soon to tell.

Asking yourself why in the world would Douglas Wilson write a romance novel? You're not the only one.

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AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson

PAGE COUNT: 258 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN-10: 1947644084

ISBN-13: 9781947644083

RELEASE DATE: February 12, 2019 (Valentine's Day)

Media: Paperback

Finding love is painful when you're crippled by the past.

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The year 1900 has just come and gone, and Savannah Westmoreland has come to the town of Paradise Valley to start afresh. But when her mysterious new pastor and the town's most powerful businessman both begin to compete for her affection, Savannah realizes that she must face her past once and for all or leave Paradise forever. But there's more to the story—and more danger lurking—than Savannah knows.

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What People Are Saying:

"Some books only merit a quick read, others should be slowly savored, and a select few are so good you just have to read them out loud to your wife. This is that third sort!" ~John Dykstra, Reformed Perspective

Reader Reviews:

"Easily one of my top favorite fiction books of all time." -Hannah

"This book was a wonderful read and I enjoyed every page! It was very hard for me to put it down to resume my daily tasks." -Sarah

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kaia F.
Unexpected twist

Great read! Clean and fun!

Jadon K.

The Man in the Dark: A Romance

Rachel L.
Absolutely loved it!

My husband and I listened to this together and absolutely loved it! So many fun twists I didn't see coming! So much gospel truth!

Claire A.

So good! My younger sister and I both loved it! Please write another!

Petra V.

The Man in the Dark: A Romance

Sarah D.
Breath of fresh air

Though a woman of 33 years, I am never inclined to read romance novels as they always follow the same format Hallmark uses for all of their films- mushy, gushy & empty. DW did not, of course, download the Christian romance novel template and proceed. Instead, what we have here is a delightful, charming gospel-centered story that I enjoyed throughly at every turn. Laughter & intrigue mingle with a handful of scenarios giving me pause for sanctification in my own heart. Loved it. Have given copies to friends and relatives.

Heather B.
Great fun read!

I can honestly say that I never expected a romance book to include supralapsarianism in it! Great book full of mystery and clean romance.

Michelle A.
Great novel!

I’m not usually a fan of fiction, but Doug Wilson has won me over with this one. It was engaging to the end. I’ve read three more of his novels since.


This book was captivating and engaging the entire time! Definitely would recommend.

Hailey M.

The Man in the Dark: A Romance

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