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The Revolutions That Never Were

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The Revolutions That Never Were

First Annual Credenda/Agenda History Conference (1996)

Our people have gone through two political "revolutions" which "never were." The first, although called a revolution, in reality was not. The second, a profound revolution, has rarely been recognized as such.The American Revolution was not a revolution at all, but rather a War for Independence. What is the difference, and why can so few modern Americans plainly describe the difference?The real revolution happened in the Civil War when the rights of the Southern states, guaranteed by the Constitution, were set aside by the North under the false pretense of "slavery." And while slavery certainly should have come to an end in the South and the North, the Civil War was a far more egregious evil than slavery ever was in the Republic.The American Revolution was not our French Revolution, but the War Between the States certainly wasthey were, each in a different way, the revolutions that never were. The following lectures are included in this set:

1. The Revolution That Wasn't - Steve Wilkins

2. A Theological History of America (1620-1865) - Douglas Wilson

3. The Fruits of Independence - Steve Wilkins

4. The Foresight of the Fathers - Douglas Wilson

5. The Myth of Humanistic Benevolence - Steve Wilkins

6. The End of An Age: The Fruits of Revolution - Steve Wilkins

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Logan G.
Like eating a rich meal

This conference is refreshing, sobering, inspiring, greatly needful.

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