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Then Tweets My Soul: The Best of the Church Curmudgeon

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David Regier

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David Regier (The Church Curmudgeon) is the old guy who sits on the back pew of the sanctuary, farthest from the drums (he measured). You can find his complaints on Twitter (@ChrchCurmudgeon) and Facebook.

AUTHOR: David Regier

PAGE COUNT: 122 pages

SIZE: 5x7"

ISBN-10: 1944503803

ISBN-13: 9781944503802

PUB. DATE: Nov 15, 2016

“It used to be that the pastor’s wife was huge and the sanctuary was smokin’ hot.”

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So observes the Church Curmudgeon, the internet's most infamous purveyor of fine vintage whines. With more than nine thousand tweets and ninety thousand followers, he's proven himself a stalwart of holy hilarity. This poetic collection of the Curmudgeon's best 140-character compositions will make you ROFL as you recognize the regular cast of churchy characters, including the worship leader, the usher team, and maybe even yourself. One more to whet your appetite: "Usually when the writing is on the wall, it portends the death of a culture. But hey, fine, throw out the hymnals and use a projector."

What People Are Saying:

“Who knew simmering resentment could be so much fun? Church Curmudgeon’s regular gripes and mordant observations are a balm to my soul—that sort of balm that stings like nettles and leaves a permanent red mark.” -Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace to You

“The Church Curmudgeon got me in trouble. One of his tweets popped up on my phone and I started laughing right as the pastor got to ‘he was crushed for our iniquities’ in his sermon. Consistently and reverently humorous in 140 characters or less, the Church Curmudgeon is one of the best reads online and just as good on old fashioned, curmudgeonly paper.” -Erick Erickson, radio host and founder of The Resurgent blog

“If I am scrolling through my Twitter feed and laugh out loud, the odds are very high that Church Curmudgeon landed another one.” -Douglas Wilson, long-time pastor and author of Evangellyfish

"The Church Curmudgeon is one of the most intelligently hilarious people on Twitter. His stuff is screenshot-and-text-to-your-friends funny." -Adam Ford, founding editor at The Babylon Bee, author of Thy Kingdom Comics, and writer and cartoonist at Adam4d.com 

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Joel O.

I found the tweets quite amusing!

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