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Triune Life


Ministerial Conference


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Triune Life

Annual Ministerial Conference (2003)

"The mystery of the Trinity is one of the fundamental doctrines of Christian orthodoxy, but for many the Trinity remains merely a doctrine and wholly mysterious, if not something of an embarrassment. Yet, if God is Triune, that should affect everything we think and do ..." -Peter Leithart

The following topics are included in this set:

1. Toward a New Biblical Theology of the Trinity: A proposal for the 21st Century - Jeffrey Meyers

2. The Dance of God, The Dance of Life: Perichoresis in Creature & Creator - Peter Leithart

3. The Trinity and Prayer - Douglas Wilson

4. The Art of Trinitarian Living - Douglas Jones

5. The Origin and Ground of the Covenant: God's Triune Life - Jeffrey Meyers

6. Discerning a Triune Aesthetic - Douglas Jones

7. Surplus at the Origin: Trinity, Eschatology, and Story - Peter Leithart

8. Liturgical Worship of the Triune God - Douglas Wilson

9. What's Right About Modern Atheism? - Douglas Wilson

10. Trinity, Modernity, and Truth - Douglas Jones

11. Chosen in Christ: Trinity & Election - Peter Leithart

12. A Trinitarian Civil Order - Douglas Wilson

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