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Some of the things you might encounter if you visit a CREC church...and a word or two of explanation why.

Welcome to our congregation! We are glad you have decided to join us, and we hope you have felt welcome. We are a member congregation of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (or CREC, www.crechurches.org). We have been receiving new folks here long enough to know that there are some questions that come up frequently. Some of these distinctives are grounded in our denomination's confessional commitments, and others are more culturally-driven—that is, by means of an unwritten set of shared assumptions. If you join together with us, you should be able to sort through those distinctions at some point. For now, we just wanted to let you know of some of the things you are likely to encounter here—and perhaps give a word or two of explanation why.

As you read, please keep in mind that our churches do not worship in lockstep. Not everything described here applies to every CREC congregation, and that's fine, too. That's another thing you can expect. The fact that we have identified these things that you may have questions about does not mean that we believe these to be the most important things about our faith and worship—it is just that, for visitors, they are perhaps the most obvious things about it. So here we go.

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The Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches | Est. 1998
Thoroughly Trinitarian, Historically Reformed, Warmly Evangelical | www.crechurches.org

Articles in "What to Expect in Our CREC Church" newspaper download:

  • Welcome to Our Congregation [above]
  • Liturgical Worship
  • Covenant Renewal Worship
  • Weekly Communion
  • A Worship Conversation
  • Worship Centrality
  • A Corporate Amen
  • Posture in Worship
  • Psalm Singing
  • "Story Always Wins" door poster from Canon Press
  • Singing in Parts
  • Musical Style
  • Scripture Reading
  • Biblical Sermons
  • Optimism about the Future of the Church
  • Wine in Communion
  • Church Membership
  • Child Communion
  • Christian Education
  • Cultural Engagement

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Ben M.
A good overview of CREC covenant renewal worship

Very helpful in providing an underlying framework to explain the practical outworkings of CREC worship services and expectations.

Only criticism is that the cartoon illustrations made it feel more directed to kids/teens, but otherwise I greatly appreciated it.

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