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Makers of History: William the Conqueror

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Jacob Abbott

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Jacob Abbott was an American writer of children's books. He was a prolific author, writing juvenile fiction, brief histories, biographies, religious books for the general reader, and a few works in popular science. He wrote 180 books and was a coauthor or editor of 31 more. He died in Farmington, Maine, where he had spent part of his time after 1839, and where his brother, Samuel Phillips Abbott, founded the Abbott School.

AUTHOR: Jacob Abbott

PAGE COUNT: 188 pages

SIZE: 5x8"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN-10: 1947644157

ISBN-13: 9781947644151

PUB. DATE: 2017

1066 was the year that changed England forever.

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Get ready to be hooked by the complete story of William the Conquerorand learn about one of history's most influential generals at the same time! Comets, a dead king, invasions—all of these foreboded a great turning point in England's history. With the death of Edward the Confessor, Harold took the throne, but he knew he would have to defend his throne from his cousin, the ambitious and fierce William of Normandy. William had lived a life that forced him to be cruel and decisive when dealing with enemies, and he was getting ready to invade England so that he could claim it for his own.

This thrilling biography—written by Jacob Abbott and newly edited for younger readers—offers a glimpse into the life of a man who brought feudalism to England, and by so doing ended one culture, and established one that would eventually rule the world and create the civilization we all live in.

William the Conqueror is part of Makers of History, a 19th century biography series by two brothers—Jacob and John S.C. Abbott. Reprinted by Canon Press, these biographies have been edited and brought up-to-date for readers twelve and up. Not only are these editions given vintage style paperback covers, but they also include introductions that explain where these men and women fit into the timeline of history."

From the Book:

"A strong body of soldiery of course lands first on such occasions. In this instance the archers, William’s favorite corps, were selected to take the lead. William accompanied them. In his eagerness to get to shore, as he leaped from the boat, his foot slipped, and he fell. The officers and men around him would have considered this an evil omen, but he had enough presence of mind to extend his arms and grasp the ground, pretending that his prostration was designed and saying at the same time, 'Thus I seize this land; from this moment it is mine.'" -From the book

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Makers of History: William the Conqueror

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