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About Canon Press

Outfitters of the Reformation

All the books at Canon Press equip you to say “Thy Kingdom come” and to live like that is actually happening.

We’re a Christian publisher with a sense of humor that sometimes gets us into trouble. We like it that way.

Canon Press is about a full-orbed approach to how our theology comes out of our fingertips into the world God gave us. We aim to change the world through simple, Christ-centered, faithful living.

We believe reformation and revival start from faith in the Lord with joyful obedience to the Bible, and that is what makes everyday tasks significant and transforms culture.

As the wisest man said, “Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart; for God has already accepted your works” (Eccl. 9:7).

The Books that Started it all:

It all started with books for the family full of practical, biblical teaching for men and women on faithfulness. From courtship to marriage to retirement and beyond into the eschaton.

Gospel Living for Couples

How would you describe the spiritual aroma of your home? The source of this aroma is the relationship between husband and wife as you keep God's standards in truth or in pretense, which always ends in a crash.

Reform My Marriage

How to Be a One-Woman Man

Just because Evangelical Christians hold to a higher standard of sexual integrity does not mean that young men always possess self-control, especially with the internet ready at their fingertips.

Become Faithful, Always

Respect and the Christian Woman

When wives stop focusing on their husbands' problems, own their responsibilities, and learn biblical contentment, imagine what power God would unleash through godly men who were respected in their homes.

Become a Fruitful Woman

The Calling of Christian Motherhood

Building a home—childbirth, education, discipline—requires holy joy and a love of beauty. Everything from pregnancy to house rules to education to the differences between raising sons and daughters.

Build Your Household in Grace

A Handbook of Biblical Childrearing

At home, fathers sometimes establish a rebellious culture or fail so that another culture rushes to fill the void. Unless we reestablish faithful Christian culture in countless homes, we will never reestablish it anywhere else.

Establish Your Culture at Home

Raising Boys to Fight Giants

Parents can help their sons cultivate true masculinity and become men who are strong and self-sacrificial, just as Christ was. This book covers issues such as laziness, Christian liberty, school, sports, girls, proper contempt for the cool, and more. Because as much as it may distress us, our boys are future men.

Raise Strong, Selfless Sons

Biblical Courtship in the Modern World

The modern dating system is bankrupt. It doesn't train us for one covenant relationship but rather a series of relationships with emotional attachments free of covenantal fences. But biblical courtship gives wonderful freedom.

"Date" Better

A Walk Through the Christian Home

The Gospel teaches us to say "my life for yours." Our desire should be to have this love transform everything we do, room by room. This book works its way through every part of the house, examining each part in light of Scripture.

Bless Every Room You're In

Covenant Headship and the Christian Man

"Federal" today means nothing but "centralized" or "big" like our government. But true federal leadership is this: when husbands lead and take responsibility for their families, they are covenant heads —federal husbands.

Become the Family Backbone

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