Mary Bursting

Christmas is impossible. It can’t be done. That woman won’t be silent. It can’t be expressed. Encapsulate all the colors, meanings, music, and history of World War II into one sentence, commas permitted. Now do it with a far more earth-shattering, far more complicated, more unspeakable event. That’s the tension of Christmas.

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Christmas Worldliness

by Nancy Wilson It is no wonder that so many Christians have rejected Christmas because of the unabashed worldliness of the world at Christmastime....

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Xmas and Children

As we consider how God would have us bring up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4), this issue of Christmas provides us with a good litmus test—and it does not concern whether we criticize Christmas, but from what direction. There is much to object to in our current holiday activities, but what is the ground of the criticism? What is the standard?

We believe that in our culture the Christmas celebrations are far too anemic. But the standard criticism of Christmas from ascetic Christians is that it is far too robust and celebratory.

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