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Christian Political Action in an Age of Revolution

Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer

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Christian Political Action in an Age of Revolution

Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer


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  • “We have to choose between the sovereignty of man and the sovereignty of God. Reject sovereignty by the grace of God and you are left with nothing but radicalism…. There is no other option: you can have anarchy and servitude as the products of a social contract, or you can find the source of rights and liberty in the absolute and beneficial authority of God.” ~From Groen van Prinsterer’s Christian Political Action in an Age of Revolution

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    Liberty, equality, fraternity! These words rang out in 1789 as the French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille. However, more than the end of French monarchy, this revolution was a full-scale revolt against God, law, and anything that restrains autonomous man. And the revolution continues to this day. Van Prinsterer was a Dutch Calvinist who saw where the French Revolution had led European and American culture. His book is an eloquent defense of how the Gospel is the only solution to modern radicalism and of how Christians can and should participate in the realm of politics.

    “Our world is careening toward Armageddon, as the forces of autonomous man demand ever more control of and sovereignty over all of life, public and private, family and church, reaching even to the level of thought and conscience. The sooner Christians wake up to this fundamental reality, the sooner they will allow themselves to be used by God, as witnesses, prophets, and martyrs, in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation.” ~From the Introduction

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