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Eve in Exile: The Restoration of Femininity

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Rebekah Merkle


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Rebekah Merkle has dabbled in a number of occupations ranging from running her own clothing label to designing fabrics to becoming a full-time high school humanities teacher (which is fitting, because she was a student in one of the founding classical Christian schools in the USA). Rebekah has written Eve in ExileClassical Me, Classical Theeand has edited the Brit Lit series for classical Christian schools; but by far her proudest accomplishment is her crew of five outrageous, hilarious, high-speed teenage children, and her favorite role is that of wife to her similarly outrageous, hilarious, and high-speed husband Ben Merkle.


AUTHOR: Rebekah Merkle

PAGE COUNT: 208 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 1944503528

ISBN-13: 9781944503529

PUB. DATE: September 27, 2016

Media: Paperback

What is a Christian woman's role? In this powerful book by Rebekah Merkle we see that, no matter what they are doing, women are made for glory.

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The swooning Victorian ladies and the 1950s housewives genuinely needed to be liberated. That much is indisputable. So, First-Wave feminists held rallies for women's suffrage. Second-Wave feminists marched for Prohibition, jobs, and abortion. Today, Third-Wave feminists stand firmly for nobody's quite sure what. But modern women—who use psychotherapeutic antidepressants at a rate never before seen in history—need liberating now more than ever.

The truth is, feminists don't know what liberation is. They have led us into a very boring dead end. Eve in Exile sets aside all stereotypes of mid-century housewives, of China-doll femininity, of Victorians fainting, of women not allowed to think for themselves or talk to the men about anything interesting or important.

Eve in Exile dismisses the pencil-skirted and stiletto-heeled executives of TV, the outspoken feminists freed from all that hinders them, the brave career women in charge of their own destinies. Once those fictionalized stereotypes are out of the way—whether they're things that make you gag or things you think look pretty fun—Christians can focus on real women. What did God make real women for?

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What People Are Saying:

"With witty and intelligent writing, Merkle pokes holes in wrong ideas people have about femininity. She gives the history of the feminist movement, showing its roots and results, and explains that women are designed to subdue, fill, help, and glorify. Merkle explains Biblical womanhood in light of the creation mandate, with a uniquely balanced emphasis on women’s calling 'to enflesh the weighty truths of our faith.' Readers will appreciate Merkle’s nuance, readability, and ability to challenge some aspect of their view of womanhood, no matter which extreme they lean toward." -World Magazine

"Well-researched ... this book has enough sass to keep it lighthearted, and lots of vision about building the culture of the home and bringing dignity instead of disgrace to the vocations of wife and mother." -Touchstone Magazine 

"A total pleasure. This book is an excellent treatise on both society’s and current cultural Christianity’s view on women gone wrong—and how we should fix it... I laughed. I cried. I highlighted. I wanted to high-five someone several times while reading this." -Summer White Jaeger, co-host of Sheologians

"[Rebekah Merkle's] book wisely celebrates how God the Creator has designed women to flourish in the home, in the church, and in society. She doesn’t buck against what God’s word says. She cheerfully submits to it. Her attitude is refreshing.... Merkle is not just wise—she’s witty. She writes with a colorful verve. It’s wholesome entertainment that makes you laugh for the right reasons" -Andy Naselli, professor at Bethlehem College

"This is my new go-to recommendation for a book on biblical femininity. Merkle is excellently nuanced and not inappropriately prescriptive, while still being clear and unshrinkingly scripture-based.” -Rachel Schultz, author and blogger at On Homemaking

“Winsome, witty, and conversational, Eve in Exile is also a grand and inspiring call for women to reject the selfish pursuits of feminism and give their lives away to serve family and home for the sake of Christ." -Nicole Mahaney Whitacre, co-author of Girl Talk and True Beauty

"Fresh and edifying perspective on a woman’s role in the world. Without relying on any of the usual mommy-blog tropes, Merkle gives us a reason to be truly excited about what we get to do and be as Christian women living in the 21 century." -Tilly Dillehay, author and blogger at While We Wait: Practical Theology for Busy Pilgrims

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Peggy V.H.

Such an important message we Christian women need to hear. How DO we define ourselves? Rebecca uncovers the ways many of us have absorbed the world's definition of what we (women) should be, and how we can confidently stand firm in Christ's calling for women.

Chris C.

Eve in Exile: The Restoration of Femininity

Elliot A.

Pretty good. My main critique is that it wasn’t “happy” enough. I was hoping for a little more exultation in what it means to be woman of God. There was too much of “this is how God made it,” and not enough “and I like it that way.”

Briar B.

Eve in Exile: The Restoration of Femininity

Ashlynn C.

This book is excellent. It does such a good job of educating about feminism and how it has affected women through the years. It is also so encouraging to Christian women. It builds them up and encourages lives of biblical femininity! I have made it my mission in life to get this book into as many women’s hands as possible!


I’ve made it my mission to get this books into the hands of as many women as possible. It teaches, encourages, and builds up women to embrace biblical femininity and reject the feminist thinking that has infiltrated our culture and destroyed the beauty of true womanhood.

Marci M.

Very helpful in understanding where we are at and why things are unraveling quickly.

Leanne B.

This book is incredible! It's so in depth and gives the history of feminism and the solution! It's encouraging, convicting and easy to understand!!!

Lisa W.
Biblical womanhood

Such an encouragement to delve deeper into Scripture for true womanhood. An eye opening history tour.

Janell D.

Absolutely love this book and found it immensely helpful over the past year.

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