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Future Men
Raising Boys to Fight Giants

As much as it may distress us, our boys are future men.

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The Eighth Book in the Family Series

When Theodore Roosevelt taught Sunday school for a time, a boy showed up one Sunday with a black eye. He admitted he had been fighting and on the Lord's Day, too. He told the future president that a bigger boy had been pinching his sister, and so he fought him. TR told him that he had done perfectly right and gave him a dollar. The stodgy vestrymen thought this was a bit much, and so they let their exuberant Sunday school teacher go. What a loss.

In this book, Douglas Wilson discusses how parents can help their sons cultivate true masculinity and become men who are strong and self-sacrificial, just as Christ was. This book is a part of Douglas Wilson's series of books on the family, which has helped many people trying to deal with the on the everyday messes that come with sinners trying to live under the same roof. This book on raising sons covers issues such as laziness, Christian liberty, school, sports, girls, and proper contempt for the cool.

What People Are Saying:

"For boy moms, this is a very helpful read. Loaded with scripture, and he discusses topics that seem weighty and confusing to me. I've dog-eared a lot of the pages and chapters for me to return to as my sons grow older." -Tracy

"Ironically, this is one for the girls. What I mean by that is that these are provocative essays which serve to remind me that, as a mother, I really only grasp part of the picture of what it means to be a man." -Noel

"As a mom to a boy, this has been one of the most helpful parenting books I've read so far." -Leslie

"This is the best book I have ever read about raising boys" -Derrick

"As a father of three sons, I have gained a lot of understanding from reading this." -Myron

"It is a life changing book especially for those like me who grew up without models of biblical manhood. Thanks Doug." -Bernard

"If nothing else, you will be entertained and challenged. Wilson is a vivid author and when combined with a subtle wit, it makes his work quite compelling. And the whole concept of thinking about our boys as boys – read here, 'not girls' – is so vital in a feminist-dominated culture that I think every dad should read this – whether he has boys or not. There is a lot of value in the book for raising our young women, too. So, I highly commend the book to any parent or person that works with kids. You will be personally challenged in your manhood (if you are a man) and find many excellent helps for raising those future men, should the Lord bless your quiver with one or six." -Discerning Reader

Douglas Wilson is a pastor in Moscow, Idaho, a father of three, and grandfather of seventeen. He is the author of numerous books, including Decluttering Your Marriage, Future Men, and How to Exasperate Your Wife.

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AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson

PAGE COUNT: 200 pages

SIZE: 5.50x8.50

ISBN 10: 1-591281-10-5

ISBN-13: 978-1-591281-10-8

PUB. DATE: December 5, 2016