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Made in the Image: Plain Poems

Joffre Swait

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Made in the Image: Plain Poems

Joffre Swait


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  • This cheerful collection of rumbling poetry is the perfect introduction to the good life -- the life each Christian should be living.

    There is wine, there are riddles, there is war with sin, there are jokes...all uttered in appreciation of this world that God made out of his own words. We all can imitate him: Poetry is a way of life.

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  • Joffre Swait , also known as Joffre the Giant, lives in Moscow with his wife and five children. He is the author of Well Met: Poems of Companionship and co-author of Christian Pipe-Smoking: an Introduction to Holy Incense . He has owned a used bookstore, served as a missionary abroad, and played rugby all over the Americas. Joffre has a deep love for the poetry of the West, and is more ambivalent about the Norman …

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