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Ride Sally Ride (Sex Rules): A Novel

Douglas Wilson

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Ride Sally Ride (Sex Rules): A Novel

Douglas Wilson

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  • It's two decades in the future, and a Christian college student named Ace Hartwick has just destroyed his neighbor's so-called "wife"—actually a sexbot named Sally—in a trash compactor. Soon, Ace will be on trial for murder.

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    Unfortunately for Ace, everyone despises his kind of "radical" Christianity, and, in the fragile America of the future, all the juries are fixed.

    A satirical novel from an award-winning pastor about love, the crack-up of the U.S.A., and refusing to back down when the whole world calls you crazy.

    Pastor Douglas Wilson …

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  • Douglas Wilson is pastor of Christ Church, host of the talk show Man Rampant on Amazon Prime, and award-winning author of more than ninety books on a variety of subjects. He has written for The Huffington Post, World, Books & Culture, Christianity Today , and more. He blogs prolifically at

    AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson

    PAGE COUNT: 310 pages

    SIZE: 5.25x8"

    ISBN-10: 1952410495

    ISBN-13: …

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