Soup Night Slapdashery: Cooking for Big Crowds Made Simple

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Rebekah Merkle


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Rebekah Merkle has dabbled in a number of occupations ranging from running her own clothing label to designing fabrics to becoming a full-time high school humanities teacher (which is fitting, because she was a student in one of the founding classical Christian schools in the USA). Rebekah has written Eve in ExileClassical Me, Classical Theeand has edited the Brit Lit series for classical Christian schools. But by far her proudest accomplishment is her crew of five outrageous, hilarious, high-speed children, and her favorite role is that of wife to her similarly outrageous, hilarious, and high-speed husband Ben Merkle.

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AUTHOR: Rebekah Merkle

PAGE COUNT: 96 pages full color

SIZE: 6.08x9.08"

BINDING: Hardcover with Gold Spiral Binding

ISBN 10: 1954887221

ISBN-13: 9781954887220

PUB. DATE: October 26, 2021

Media: Hardback with Gold Spiral Binding

Do you want to cook for a large group of people but are overwhelmed by the prospect? Look no further! Make meals that are quick, classy, and easy to assemble.

Look inside the book

The need to feed a crowd is a fact of life for many Christian communities, but it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the American social scene. Google “feed a big group” and you’ll get cute entertainment magazines with suggestions for caviar and soufflés for six, or, on the other hand, a mass of gray casseroles requiring only hamburger, cream of mushroom, and crushed Fritos.

Where are the actually delicious recipes for an actually large group—whether for a regular Bible study or a home group or a school event—where you don’t have to multiply the recipe by 16?

That’s why Rebekah Merkle has put together these soup night recipes with the scaling, menu, tips, and taste-testing fine-tuned from years in her own home.

If you want to take hospitality seriously but aren’t sure how, this is the book for you. It’s packed with no-nonsense practical advice about grocery runs, best kitchen utensils, soup-night logistics, budget- and time-saving tips, and husband-approved soup recipes (with bread and cinnamon rolls to go with).

Soup Night Slapdashery provides the 16 recipes you need to start practicing hospitality for big crowds. (Yes, regular-batch-sized recipes are included as well.) The great news is this won’t take you a week of prep. With this handy cookbook, you can easily feed a crowd with just a few hours of work.

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
Scott S.

Soup Night Slapdashery: Cooking for Big Crowds Made Simple

Ethan B.

Soup Night Slapdashery: Cooking for Big Crowds Made Simple

S L.

We love to learn more about hospitality from the Canon ladies, and this is a great book to start with. Lots of practical, no-frills tips for a delicious and hearty meal for both the family and the whole crew. Many thanks for getting these back in stock!

Hallie B.

Soup Night Slapdashery: Cooking for Big Crowds Made Simple

Theresa E.
Indispensable Resource

I LOVE this cookbook, not only for the recipes, but Rebekah has done us all a huge favor by adding shopping, cooking and serving tips. Cannot recommend enough!

Madison L.

Soup Night Slapdashery: Cooking for Big Crowds Made Simple

Matthew R.
Excellent Recipes

My wife has loved this book and the recipes

Jenelle A.

Can’t wait to try the recipes!

Chloe M.

Soup Night Slapdashery: Cooking for Big Crowds Made Simple

Jacquilyn L.
Soup night slapdashery

This is a great book for large crowds! So much better than just making casseroles. I’ve already tried a few of the soups and they’re delicious! Definitely recipes you want to repeat!

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