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Spring Cleaning
Biblical Instruction for Freshening Up the Christian Home

Spring Cleaning: Biblical Instruction for Freshening Up the Christian Home

A conference sponsored by Trinity Church (Coeur D'Alene, ID)

Winter is generally a time for cozying up to the fire and enjoying the festivities of Christmas. But after the holidays are over and the presents have lost their luster, the house slowly becomes musty and grimy--in desperate need of spring cleaning.Unfortunately, our families often become as dingy as our homes. We wake up and notice that Junior's attitude is as cloudy as the outside of the windows. What we need is a different sort of spring cleaning--the kind that scrubs our hearts and our minds with the Word of God. Join Douglas Wilson and Matt Whitling as they encourage us to be vigilant in sweeping out all the corners of our hearts and homes. The following lectures are included in this set:

1.Ooh That Smell: The Need for Spring Cleaning (Wilson)

2.Scrubbing Toilets: Parenting Teens (Wilson)

3.Whacking the Rugs: Parenting Toddlers (Whitling)

4.Sagging Rafters: Indolence in the Home (Whitling)

5.Selling the Farm: Parenting Adult Children (Wilson)

6.Stocking the Pantry: Parenting Pre-teens (Whitling)

7.Cleaning the Root Cellar: Bitterness in the Home (Wilson)

8. Collected Q&A Sessions (Wilson & Whitling)