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The Sinking City

Christine Cohen

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The Sinking City

Christine Cohen

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    Venice is a carnival of opposites, and Liona Carvatti thinks she understands it all: canal and palace, magician and merchant, plague and pantomime. As a patrician’s daughter, Liona enjoys the sparkling life of a noble family—although she would prefer to be tending to her flowers than practicing violin or standing around in a ball gown. But what Liona fails to realize is that Venice is a city of stone in a world of water. And ruling …

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  • Christine Cohen was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She spent most of her formative years roaming evergreen forests with her sister and a stalwart yellow lab, feeding her love of adventure a steady diet of stick forts and slingshots. Now she lives with her husband and three kids in a delightfully rural college town. When she's not writing, she pursues other creative outlets like baking sweet things and eating more than her …

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