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The Waters Under the Earth

Know the beauty of creation through poetry.

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The London Times Literary Supplement described Robert Siegel's poetry as "unpretentious versatility," "like returning to the mainland after a tour of the islands." In this collection of poems, Siegel brings his remarkable range and technical mastery to bear on the mysteries of creation—wolves, slugs, moles, fireworks, mowing - all hauntingly interwoven with mythical themes.

Praise for Robert Siegel's Poetry:

"Of Robert Siegel's talents there can be no doubt. 'Brilliant' is a term too casually applied today, and it does not begin to define the remarkable range of subjects delineated and the technical mastery demonstrated.... His poems are a power." -Joseph Parisi, in Poetry

"Siegel's imagination is excited by the nonhuman world, and he writes about plants and animals with surprising immediacy.... A compassionate observer ... he looks at them as mysterious and wonderful signs of a greater order." -Dana Gioia, in Poetry

Robert Siegel was an American poet and novelist. He wrote four books of poetry and five children's novels.

AUTHOR: Robert Siegel

PAGE COUNT: 136 pages

SIZE: 6.0x9.0"

ISBN 10: 1-59128-030-3

ISBN-13: 978-1-59128-030-9

PUB. DATE: August 15, 2005