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Three Treatises

Martin Luther

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Three Treatises

Martin Luther


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  • "Luther is lyrical, even ecstatic, as he proclaims the benefits of justification by faith alone...The three treatises are short reads. It would not be unfair to refer to them as pamphlets. But they are surely the weightiest pamphlets in Christian history." ~ from Wedgeworth's Introduction

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    Luther was not just a firebrand who riled up the establishment and accidentally started a religious movement.

    In these three treatises, we get a full picture of what Luther stood for and what he stood against.

    In his An Open Letter to the Christian Nobility …

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  • THE CHRISTIAN HERITAGE SERIES: The authors in the Christian Heritage Series paid a high price for the words you see before you. Not all paid with blood, but each spent his life fighting for the truth. This faithful sacrifice has become a rich inheritance for the Church in our day, even though it is often neglected. The Christian Heritage Series aims to put these important theological classics on every Christian’s bookshelf in …

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