American Milk and Honey: Antisemitism, the Promise of Deuteronomy, and the True Israel of God

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Douglas Wilson

The Jews are our prodigal older brother. When they come home, it will be glory for the world. How should we think of them in the meantime?

Many mistaken Christians have set their hope for the future on a rebuilt Temple in Israel. Others justify their own envy with daydreams of Jewish cabals. But dispensational obsession on the one hand and antisemitic spite on the other aren’t the only options.

In this book, Douglas Wilson calls us to simple, biblical sanity, with clear thinking on Christian/Jewish relations, the Middle East, and the Holocaust, as well as a thorough Reformed theology of the Jews and the Church.

The key to the conversion of the Jews is Christendom. And if American Christians repent of their envy—including antisemitism—the key to Christendom is in their hands.

DOUGLAS WILSON is the author of more than one hundred books, a Senior Fellow of Theology at New Saint Andrews College, and the pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. He and his wife, Nancy, have three children and lots of grandchildren.

AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson


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PUB. DATE: November 7, 2023

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Howard Tull

American Milk and Honey: Antisemitism, the Promise of Deuteronomy, and the True Israel of God

Elliot Anderson

It’s rather odd how often I read something by Wilson, and it’s as though he had just written down some insight I’d come to in the last year. In this case, it was seeing that the Church is not something which replaces Israel, the Church is the fulfillment of Israel. But don’t take my word for it; read the book.

Laura White


Wayne Naylor
Though Provoking

American Milk & Honey is an extremely thought provoking book. Statements like "lowliness of heart does not maintain itself" and "only appropriate response to enormous material blessing is humility and greatness" make the reader deeply contemplate their own response. The author's presentation of the role of Gentiles throughout Scripture also is not a often discussed position. I've recommended this book to several fellow readers already!

Kelsea Chapman

I really enjoyed this book. The way Pastor Wilson is able to put the Bible into modern terms/events is what draws me to him; after all, it is the book for all ages/eras. The devil has had alot of practice in deception, but there really is nothing new under the sun and I appreciate authors, pastors, and Podcasters that point that out.
Thank you

Jen Mugrage
Sensible Approach to Israel

This is a very good and sensible approach to the nation of Israel and her position in redemption history. Superseccesionism (the idea that the church is the true Israel of God) is taught in the Bible, so I've been confused before about why some Christians find it to be a wicked or antisemitic teaching. Wilson is a "soft" supercessionist, and he explains what that means. Like most of Wilson's books, this contains some nice, clear thinking about the roles of Jews and Gentiles, along with a good Reformed theological foundation a commitment to the plain reading of the Scripture. It's sort of a like a Christian version of a Thomas Sowell book. I got copies for several friends and loved ones.

Ty Manning

American Milk and Honey: Antisemitism, the Promise of Deuteronomy, and the True Israel of God