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As it self-destructs, the strategy of secularism (the idea that nations can be religiously neutral) is splitting between American exceptionalism and radical Islam. Neither are Christian.

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American exceptionalism, the belief that America is more than a nation, is folly. Radical Islam is obviously wrong as well, but Muslims at least own the nature of the current cultural conflict: You must follow somebody, whether it's Allah, the State, or Jesus Christ. This important and timely book is an analysis of the changing face of religion and politics and also an extended argument for Christian expression of faith in Jesus Christ. This does not mean a withdrawal from politics to our own communities and churches. Instead, we Christians must take what we have learned from the wreck of secularism and build a Christendom of the New Foundation: A network of nations bound together by a formal, public, civic acknowledgement of the lordship of Jesus Christ and the fundamental truth of the Apostles' Creed. "And you could have it all, My empire of dirt...." ~ Nine Inch Nails; Johnny Cash


Christians think that making fun of people is never okay. If so, then why did Jesus and the prophets do so much of it?

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Satire is a kind of preaching. Satire pervades Scripture. Satire treats the foibles of sinners with a less than perfect tenderness. But if a Christian employs satire today, he is almost immediately called to account for his "insensitive" and "unloving" behavior. But is the Golden Rule really "be nice"? Actually, Scripture shows that the central point of some religious controversies is to give offense. When Christ was confronted with ecclesiastical obstinacy and other forms of arrogance, He showed us a godly pattern for giving offense.

In every controversy godliness and wisdom (or the lack of them) are to be determined by careful appeal to the Scriptures and not the fact of people having taken offense. In this book, veteran satirist Douglas Wilson explains his rationale for why so much of what he says gets people upset and yet he continues to speak as he does, and why you should (sometimes) too for the sake of the Gospel.

We should labor as if we were laboring to make Christ's kingdom come here on earth—because that's what we are doing .

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Though most Christians refrain from predicting exactly when our world will end, many believe that when earth's finale does arrive, it will be a catastrophe. They expect that before Christ comes back to reclaim His own, Satan will escape his chains and return to wreak havoc on our planet. Details vary, but the general assumption is the same: things will get much, much worse before they get better.

But is this really what the Bible teaches? Leaving aside the theological terms that often confuse and muddle this question, Douglas Wilson instead explains eschatology as the end of the greatest story in the world—the story of humanity. He turns our attention back to the stories and prophecies of Scripture and argues for "hopeful optimism": the belief that God will be true to His promises, that His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven, and that the peace and good will we sing about at Christmas will one day be a reality here on earth.

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Not what I thought...

Originally (from the pictures) I thought it was made in America because of the "Canon Brand Goods" tag and the high price. However, when I received the hat, I noticed the OTHER tag that says made in China. So for an item made in China and the high price...3 stars.

Summer Mablog Full Mesh Hat

Great Book

A great read for anyone who is working out their views on infant baptism and covenant membership. Have given away several copies over the years, and people always find it as compelling as I did the first time I read it. Makes for a bunch of great conversation as well.

The Plod Hat
John H.
Solid Hat and Advice

This hat is very well made from high quality materials and beautifully designed. It kept my dome out of the sun all summer, served as a much needed reminder of what I should be doing, and prompted several conversations about why I am plodding instead of hustling.


I thought this book was excellent.

Extremely helpful! Very thankful for this Book!

The Plod Hat
zachary m.
Love it

Great fit and feel

Best hat ever!

Things just seem to get done when I put this hat on, which is exactly what a man needs from a hat. Couldn’t be happier!


My husband loves his new hat and wears it often!

The Plod Hat
Jeremiah N.


The Plod Hat
Brock W.
Plod Hat Plods

The hat is quality material and fits well! My friends and I have been very happy with them!

Father’s Day gift to myself..

I bought this hat as a Father’s Day gift to myself. Great hat, great ministry!

The Plod Hat
Johansen B.L.-.J.J.
Great hat!

Good quality meterial & design. As one who loves wearing hats, this is one of my all time favorites.

The Plod Hat
Ellie B.
The plod hat

I wear it just as much as my husband. We are “fighting” over who gets to wear it. Great fit for both male and female and I love the logo and the meaning behind it, not just because it’s Doug’s podcast name.

The Plod Hat
Josh M.

Very well built hat, solid quality and a classy logo.
Christian excellence.

A big hit

Fun, well written poetry and sweet story. Beautiful illustrations. Hello Ninja packs it all into a cardboard children’s book. I’m grateful for good books to give my grandson.

Great hat

Breathes excellent. Love the fit and appearance

The Plod Hat
Erin S.

The Plod Hat

Perfect Gift

Bought it for my husband who is in Africa right now working hard. He loves it!

We bought the book for our oldest grandson who will be six when he receives it. His dad, our son, told us about it and hoped we would buy it for him. Great artwork and the story will be easy for Josiah to read and it will encourage him to think about his own experience of life so far. He has two younger brothers and a sister on the way so he is the leader of the pack and first example to his siblings of how to do life.

Well written book about how to stop slacking off and get projects done well.

So good!

My son cannot get enough of this book!

Read it Three Times-So Good

When a book gives expression to something you've been wondering about for a long time, you tend to devour it, which is why I read Black & Tan 3x. I haven't found fault with the underlying premises nor the path it takes to conclusions about our American past, including our unwarranted northern superiority complex regarding slavery, residual angst over why only here it took over half a million men's lives to end slavery and the monstrous federal bureaucracy that emerged from all that, leading directly to many of our socio-economic and spiritual problems of today. Will likely read it again and refer to it in the future.

Strangely Bright: Can You Love God and Enjoy This World? (2nd Ed)

Mere Christendom