Christian Heritage Series (24 vol.)

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The authors in the Christian Heritage Series paid a high price for the words you see before you. Not all paid with blood, but each spent his life fighting for the truth.

This faithful sacrifice has become a rich inheritance for the Church in our day, even though it is often neglected. The Christian Heritage Series aims to put these important theological classics on every Christian’s bookshelf in colorful, well-crafted, and affordable volumes, with introductions written by those who love the books and their heritage.

Here's what's in this package:

  1. The Bondage of the Will
  2. The Temple
  3. The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment
  4. Religious Affections
  5. Thoughts for Young Men
  6. Orthodoxy
  7. A Learned Treatise of the Plague
  8. Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos: A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants
  9. Lex Rex: The Law and the King 
  10. Institutes of the Christian Religion: Books 1-4 
  11. Lectures to My Students 
  12. Christianity and Liberalism 
  13. Three Treatises
  14. Poems of John Donne
  15. The Everlasting Man 
  16. A Reformed Catholic
  17. The Three Forms of Unity
  18. Holiness
  19. Poems of Anne Bradstreet
  20. The Fear of God
  21. Calvinism: The Stone Lectures
  22. Christian Political Action in an Age of Revolution
  23. Letter of Consolation
  24. The Reformed Pastor

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Kate M.

Christian Heritage Series (18 vol.)

Timothy T.

A definite must

Alexander R.
Beautiful addition to our church library.

I bought this series for the library at my church and I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. Each book is beautifully designed, from the spines to the covers (I particularly like the cover of Orthodoxy with the exploding head of GK Chesterton), and I’m not even going to mention the amazing books that lie inside the covers. All-in-all this is an incredible collection of amazing books, that are equally enjoyable to look at, that would make an excellent addition to any library, or a great start to a theology section.

Jessica S.
We love them!

I bought them as a gift to my husband and he loved them! They are lovely and great addition to every Christian’s library

Patrick T.
A Treasure Chest

Full of classics, rebound in great art!

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