The Forgotten Heavens: Six Essays on Cosmology

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Douglas Wilson

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"There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." So said Hamlet, but for some strange reason Christians seem to have bought this reductionistic view of the world. Have we forgotten the Bible?

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Our modern cosmology suggests that the universe can be explained through astronomy and mathematics. But this seems far too simplistic, not to mention rather dull.

Are stars angels? Do satyrs truly exist? What does a seraph look like? Can demons tell the future? What does God's creation contain beyond the visible realm?

In the following essays, such questions are not peremptorily dismissed but are engaged with on the basis of what can be found in the Bible. We are not living in a world that can be easily dissected in a laboratory. Our universe is filled with intelligence and life, and the creativity behind it can only be understood fully through the Creator.

This book includes essays from Evan and Douglas Wilson, Chris Schlect, Wes Callihan, and others.

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"The materialist can point out that a human being is made up of the following chemicals, and then list them all. Within this list, he does not find the constituent parts of a soul, or a spirit. Do they therefore not exist? The Christian answers clearly—the soul cannot be analyzed in that way. Hamlet is “nothing but” paper and ink, and yet we rightly feel that such an account of it leaves out the most important part. But why do we defend God’s creation from the materialist at only the point of man’s dignity? He says that we are 'nothing but' certain chemicals, and we beg to differ. He then says that the winds are “nothing but” atoms in motion, and we, for some strange reason, agree. He says that stars are 'nothing but' flaming balls of gas, and we agree with this as well. Now the Bible does not teach that all winds are necessarily angels. We are not required to believe that there is no such thing as an inanimate object. But the Bible does teach that there is intelligence behind many things that the modern materialist dismisses as “processes,” “forces,” or just plain “matter.” Man is not rattling around inside a big empty universe. The Creator of all is not an impersonal force, and the creation reflects that. The biblical view of the cosmos is not the one of modernity—infinite depths of lifeless space punctuated by dead rock, or chaotic fire. On the contrary, the universe is filled with intelligence and life." -From Douglas Wilson's Preface

EDITOR: Douglas Wilson

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PUB. DATE: February 9, 2010

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Deborah M.
The Forgotten Heavens

Interesting subject matter. The essays appear to have been end term papers. Quality of writing not up to par with other books from Canon Press. Editing errors in almost every essay.

David D.

This is an excellent book if you want to know what the bible says about the architecture and population of the cosmos. We live in an enchanted world full of creatures we can't see swirling in levels of reality we are only given glimpses into. We would all do well to see the universe as the bible describes it.

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