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NOTE: If you saw the email for this, you may notice books are missing here. The original bundle sold out, so this bundle was modified to still give your little ones story grip, albeit without ninjas and cowpokes.

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Freedom from bitterness

This book takes a scalpel to the roots of bitterness that tangle themselves within a heart. I reread it about every 6 months. I have also ordered many to give away and keep it stocked in our church's resource area. I really cannot recommend this book enough.

Love this Psalter/hymnal

I really wanted to learn how to sing the psalms. I go to a Baptist Church. We sing some of these hymns but we never sing psalms so I wanted to learn how to do it with the help of this book and the videos online it's very helpful for learning.

Great Story and great animation

This is a fun book to read with the kids. The animation is top notch. It's a lot of fun to read over and over again.

Such an important message we Christian women need to hear. How DO we define ourselves? Rebecca uncovers the ways many of us have absorbed the world's definition of what we (women) should be, and how we can confidently stand firm in Christ's calling for women.

I listened to this and it was wonderful to hear Nancy's voice as she read it. Solid Biblical counsel from a wise, beautiful, older woman.

Love it! Helpful to drive home the main points of the chapter.

I loved the cover and anticipated equally humorous contents inside, intermingled with the truths of Scripture, however the contents, while true and important, didn’t grab one’s attention like I’d imagined it would. It’s easy enough to read (I read 45 pages in 30 minutes with decent retention), but I’m not excited about reading the last bit. I’ll still pass it on to my adult sons for their wives’ benefits.

Fantastic - must read

This book is three years of counseling in a very concise, clear, palatable read that brings hope into what may seem like a hopeless marriage. Even if your spouse won’t read it- this can change your marriage.


This book should be read every year.

Eve in Exile: The Restoration of Femininity

No Mere Mortals: Marriage for People Who Will Live Forever

Blah Blah Black Sheep

Apocalypse-Proof Your Family Bundle

Clean Water, Red Wine, Broken Bread

I loved this book from beginning to end!

Excellent corrective to unbalanced Christian Hedonism

Wish I'd read this years ago! Looking forward to Strangely Bright, especially as it will be easier to get others to read if it's shorter and simplified.

Loved the book. Great packaging and delivery.

Cantus Christi 2020: Psalter & Hymnal

1 Corinthians Commentary: Partakers of Grace

A great read

A solid, holistic view of our life and responsibilities as Christians that live in a geological context in the world that God made.

I’m leading a bible study for 9-11 year old girls using this study. Thanks for a great resource I can trust!

Soup Night Slapdashery: Cooking for Big Crowds Made Simple

Hello Ninja (w/ slight imperfections)

Mere Christendom
Charles N.

Mere Christendom

I can't seem to hold on to this book

I read this book over a year ago and loved it so much that I gave it away within a week of finishing it. I wanted all my comrades to read it. Since then, I have given away 4 more copies and have yet to buy myself another copy.