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Based on 3559 reviews
Lovely book!!

This book is comical and great for kids of all ages!! Highly recommend!!

Forbidden Child
Inglett, Anne
A great book!

I throughly enjoyed the book. It’s very well written and keeps the reader engaged and interested.

Forbidden Child
Annaliese Dollahite

I devoured this book in one sitting, taking four hours! It was so great! It reminded me of The Giver, but it definitely has its own story, voice, and characters. I cannot stop recommending it everywhere I go. I laughed out loud, bit my fingernails to pieces, and almost cried (once). The ending left me stunned and so happy. I hope to find more books as wonderful as this one. Thank you, Gwen Newel and Canon Press!

Jah, Ufda!

Aside from a couple superfluous passages, a very engaging novel. Fully recommended.

Led to a Breakthrough

This book is so powerful because contentment is so powerful. I had been struggling with some relationship issues for about a year when I found this book. I read it three times, then read it to my husband and my kids and gave it to my best friend. God used the wisdom in this book, which comes from His Word, and set me free from the prison of discontentment. Now I am more joyful, peaceful and loving than I have ever been. I am looking at my circumstances as God’s all-wise and loving will for me. I am gladly surrendering the hardest things in my life to Him. So thankful for this book.

A great read, but flawed theology.

This was a very interesting read and I had a hard time putting it down, but unfortunately this book falls into the same rut of all Paedobaptist works; the absolute failure to honestly address Jeremiah 31:31-34. Longshore copped out in The Case for the Christian Family and said that the plain reading of the text puts too much on the back of Jeremiah and that it's all hyperbole. Doug in Standing on the Promises does a hit and run on the passage, but only a small portion of it. And in this book he only mentions it in passing and then calls that thinking "wrong-headed." I absolutely love Doug and Canon Press and have been greatly blessed by the works put out! I've read a plethora of the books and continue to do so, because it's changed the way that I and my family think and live for Christ. But I have to say, them not dealing with the text with integrity is the proverbial fly in the ointment for the Paedobaptist community. Either you guys need to publish something that truly and thoroughly exegetes the passage, showing how it in fact is harmonious with your theology, or otherwise you gotta stop dunking babies. Love you guys and God bless!

Blah Blah Black Sheep
Kristen Bingham
Blah Blah Black Sheep

We love this book! Such a cute story to teach children it’s great to be different. Our little one dances to the beat of his own drum and we want him to learn that it is ok when all of that energy is used for the glory of God. This book teaches how our differences are all vital in serving others!

Edgar Allan Poe's Best Loved Tales and Poems

A Christmas Carol
Darius Leahu

A Christmas Carol

Forbidden Child
Hannah Carrington
Spellbounding read

Wow. This book was so good — I couldn’t put it down! It was a very inspiring book to stand for what God says is right, good, beautiful, and true, no matter the cost — even if it means death.

Blah Blah Black Sheep
Margaret Dyer
Such a great book!

My kids (2, 4 & 7) all love this book!! Highly recommend!

very good

I gave it first to my fourteen year old granddaughter. She is very picky in her reading material. But she enjoyed the book and tried to see if she had written other books. I also enjoyed the book.

Blah Blah Black Sheep
Brianna Taylor
Funny, sweet, encouraging

I have a little boy who is not dissimilar to the Blah Blah Black Sheep, and it warmed my heart to read this book (to myself and to him!). God has placed such good gifts in and on His children and sometimes they don’t look that way to us if the packaging is wild and intense. I trust God will use my little sheep’s life to His glory even (especially?!) in the times that have me wondering what is going on in this little one’s head 😉

Men and Marriage
Pastor Brian Davis
Highly Recommended Book

George Gilder is a rare breed. A little too rare. We need more men like him and thats a great reason for men to read this book. In a country that is trying to erase sexual design and merge the sexes we need young God-Fearing families again led by young men with mouths to feed.

Pastor Brian

Blah Blah Black Sheep
Ervin Martin Jr

I like this book, and gave it to a family in Church who have 2 young boys. We always need good literature for children. It reminded me that I need to order some more copies of Hello Ninja.


This book is excellent. It does such a good job of educating about feminism and how it has affected women through the years. It is also so encouraging to Christian women. It builds them up and encourages lives of biblical femininity! I have made it my mission in life to get this book into as many women’s hands as possible!

New and original it’s a favorite

We have the original version and it was perfect for the 2-3 year old years…this new updated extended version is so fun. We all love it! The words are already memorized and the pictures offer so much exploration and imagination.

Blah Blah Black Sheep

Grandsons loved it!

One of my new favorites!

I’m convinced this will be a movie someday.
Fast-paced & dare I say stressful?
In a good way.
Every page had me saying, “oh, what the heck” out loud. Ask my husband.
I haven’t enjoyed a book this much since reading That Hideous Strength by CS. Lewis. This book is aimed towards older kids ~ I’m a baby book worm, so this book was perfect for me. Fastest book I’ve finished. In fact, I’m bummed that it’s over.
How I know it’s a great book… it’s written for older children but can be enjoyable AND RELATABLE to an older audience, because the dystopian theme fits the past AND the here & now.
-The Godmother is fascinating
-Eggnog is rich & sweet but quickly sours.
This book beautifully captures respect for life, especially that of something so innocent, BUT ALSO the stress, fear and inconvenience of bringing this life to the light. It is not an easy street to choose. This book shows all of the reasons A LIFE can be so difficult. But that LIFE is deserving alone of such sacrifice.

Blah Blah Black Sheep
Chloe Marshall

Blah Blah Black Sheep

Amazing Art

Wow! We loved the art! Story ended abruptly. I think Nate tried too hard to break rhyming with "Proper sheep".

Blah Blah Black Sheep
Jason Svintsitsky

Blah Blah Black Sheep

Blah Blah Black Sheep
Victoria Lynn Hague
Toddler’s new favorite

I’ve probably read this about 90 times since getting this book. My 2yr old knows it word for word. It’s a good time and the illustrations are fun and engaging.

My grandson loved it!

My 4 year old grandson loves books; we do a lot of reading. He had me read it repeatedly the first time he saw it! I find the story enjoyable too, so I am happy to read it to him again and again!

Great flag!

Very happy with the quality. Met all expectations.