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Chickadee Readers: The Full Set

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As Professor Kirk lamented, "What *do* they teach them in these schools?" Certainly nothing so helpful nor so exciting as this! They ought to amend that.

How to Read a Book: Advice for Christian Readers

How To Read A Book

This book was tremendously helpful and much more accessible in comparison to Adler's book.

Inspiring, Convicting, and Encouraging

I was enriched by this book in every way. The many quotes from great writers mixed with the knowledge and experience of Andrew Naselli was a blessing for me. Looking forward to reading more for the enjoyment and enrichment it will bring.

The book called how to read a book has a picture of a book that says how to read a book on it. Great book

A great little book, well-structured

I read this aloud to my 8 and 10 year old, who made small groaning noises when we reached (what felt like) each page's numbered list. But I greatly appreciated the structure, and think it will help when referencing it in the future.
Loved the Carson, Lewis, and Piper quotes. Loved the focus on reading the Word everyday. Appreciated the education on 'skimming', or glancing through a book to consider purchasing it. Still don't know if I'd call that reading a book, but a useful skill to have.
The author is a thoughtful, well-read brother who truly loves books and wants everyone to get what they need from edifying reading.

Encouragement and Help for my reading

The book was easy and enjoyable to read cover to cover. It relieved some “readers guilt,” reinvigorated my desire to read, and gave me great tools. It is concrete and specific rather than vague and general. I would highly recommend that you get it and read it! ;-)

I’ll admit I macro-read the book in its entirety but went back and micro-read Appendix B for wisdom on cultivating a love of reading for my children. Great book by Andy Naselli and Canon Press!

These are so fun. Much improved from other early readers. Happy to support Canon Press!

Awesome value for the money!


My grandson really watched this

Good Title. Although I'm not sure exactly the meaning.

I like how it explained Revelations. I like how Doug put the book Revelations into its present moment of 66 to 70 AD and explained in great detail for contemporary reader what the end of the world meant to Jerusalem at that time. And I believe at the very end it showed that everything that has happened since is the long road the long meandering road of the church of Christ his bride walking down the bridle aisle.

The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts (2nd Ed)

Leadership and Emotional Sabotage: Resisting the Anxiety That Will Wreck Your Family, Destroy Your Church, and Ruin the World

Refreshing and Balanced

I haven’t read a book that I didn’t want to put down in a long time. This is a must read, especially if you grew up non-denominational or unknowingly dipsy. The focal argument Doug presents is revelation within the text of scripture, and if you’re like me, it’s a hopeful breath of fresh air if you’ll receive it. Kind of peeved no one ever taught me it prior…almost like cage stage level peeved. Get one for yourself and a friend.

Extremely helpful.

This book is fantastic. I first listened to the book when it was free on Cannon. Then, purchased the book in order to journal through it. I am now going through it with a guy in our church. There are so many good things in this book.
But I believe there is one fundamental shift that causes me to drop it to 4 stars rather than 5. If I could make one clarifying tweak, I would give it 5 stars: When I consider our struggles as leaders, whether that be in church or home, I would argue that our greatest battles are INSIDE of us not outside. It seems Scripture is clear that the greatest battle are within. It seems to me that Mr. Rigney primarily (not Soley) focuses on external sabotage. I would argue that the leaders I have counseled (as well as myself), have the greatest sabotage of leadership that come from within. The externals (and granted, there are many in our culture at present) only stir up or instigate what is already inside. I would have liked more of an emphasis on how our own emotions sabotage our leadership as the PRIMARY means for derailing our leadership. The chapter on sober-mindedness in this regard was worth the price of the book.

Great ending to an enjoyable and encouraging series.
Wilson challenges the adolescent and seasoned reader to grapple with the outworking of true love.

Practical, helpful, encouraging.

A concise yet thorough primer for godliness in the face of emotional manipulation.

Logos Cursive
Kara S.
It's improved their overall penmanship greatly. The daily exercises should be longer.

I bought these books to 1) improve my children's penmanship and the thought processes that enable such dexterity, and 2) to supplement our Bible memorization. My children's penmanship with cursive, script, and printing has improved greatly in a few months' time, so I am grateful we accomplished our #1 goal. The pages are sturdy for erasures and perforated for easy removal--and I did tear them out, due to this helpful feature.

The main gripe I have is the inconsistent lengths of daily exercises. Book 2 especially has several pages with truncated Bible verses and other quotations, with so many ellipses where there could be words (and unbroken sentences) to copy and memorize. Might a later edition of these books feature more actual letters and words, and fewer ellipses?

Leadership and Emotional Sabotage: Resisting the Anxiety That Will Wreck Your Family, Destroy Your Church, and Ruin the World

Great Abbreviated Commentary: When the Man Comes Around

I love Pastor Wilson’s writing style. This is a great abbreviated commentary on John’s Revelation. My pastor is a pre-mil dispensationalist who is currently preaching through Revelation. 'When the Man Comes Around' also serves as my emotional support as I sit through my pastor’s sermons.